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I'm really happy you're here. Dedicate your precious time to visit all the pages of the site, especially if you are looking for a photographer who will give you a leading experience and have photographs for your event taken care of and studied down to the smallest detail. You will be able to easily recognize my photographic style and immediately understand if I am the photographer for you. I will be happy to get to know you and try to create the right feeling right away, which will allow me to create the photo shoot tailored to you, especially based on your personality and your tastes, never abandoning my photographic values.


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Hi, I'm Paolo Priori and I'm 24 years old. Born in Como and resident in the wonderful Intelvi Valley, defined as the "Green Bridge" between Lake Como and Lake Lugano (Switzerland). After completing my high school studies in administration, finance and marketing, I completed the production photography course at the Mohole school in Milan. Passionate about this fascinating job, I decided to continue with the family business which has a photography studio called Foto Idea in Centro Valle Intelvi. I immediately started photographing weddings and events, covering the role of my father's assistant and over the years I became the main wedding photographer of the studio, leaving the task of videomaker to him.

In November 2022 a work experience totally changed my way of thinking and seeing photography.