The image is a fundamental point for the corporate identity and if taken care of it can make the difference for the first impression that the public has of you or your company. A corporate photo shoot is what allows you to stand out from your competitors and be recognized more easily by your target customers. Nowadays it is right to focus on a visual factor that represents reality in an immediate and engaging way. My corporate photography service will have the task of representing the true essence of your company, it will be designed to portray the image of your company in the round.

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It will be an all-inclusive service and my proposal will include:

Photographic reportage of service provision or product processing.
Professional portraits of owners and staff, set in work spaces or studios, more or less formal depending on needs.                                                                                  Photos of the company spaces, both internal and external.
Still life photographs of the products, set or on neutral colored backgrounds (e.g. white, black, etc.).

Delivery of files, guaranteed between 7 and 10 working days, in high resolution and web resolution sent with WeTransfer or similar online service.

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I am the ideal photographer for your corporate shoot if:

  • You need to build or renew the image of your company and make it coherent throughout your ecosystem (website, social media, advertising, etc.)
  • You want your company to clearly stand out from its competitors, presenting itself on the market in an innovative and impactful way.
  • You are looking for a professional capable of grasping the strengths of your business and describing them through his photographs.
  • You want to create a professional photographic archive, from which you can draw whenever you need official images.
  • It is essential for you to work with a corporate photographer who understands your needs and creates photographs that help you achieve your business goals.
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Various companies organize corporate events for different reasons: it can be to achieve a milestone, such as an anniversary of business or to launch a new product or promote a brand. Whatever the reason for organizing it, the photographer must not be missing. You will certainly invest time and money in the organization, to effectively achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Leaving out the photographic story of what will happen would be a mistake from several points of view. First of all, because the reporting of corporate events tells the story. Every moment, every detail, every subject who intervened and every emotion aroused find space in the photographs. The images taken during your corporate events constitute quality documentation both for the press review and for the creation of a photographic archive. You will therefore find yourself having material available that you can use in the future, on your website or on social channels. Those present will be able to tag themselves in the photographs of your event, the protagonists will circulate them - and all this will give you incredible visibility (as well as essentially being free). Imagine how many people will be able to discover you in this way: obviously you want to make the best possible impression on them... and who more than a professional photographer can provide you with images capable of representing you in an optimal way? Photographs are the perfect means to amplify the power of your institutional event. Don't rely on the smartphones of those present: contact a professional photographer!

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