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Your wedding will be one of the most important moments of your life and you will want everything to be perfect. The dress, the location, the flowers, the food: every single piece of the mosaic will transform your dreams into reality. It will be even more unique and unforgettable if you choose the right photographer who will accompany you on such a special day.

My work begins before the day of yes: it begins when we meet for the first time in the Foto Idea family photography studio in Valle d'Intelvi (CO) or in a place more congenial to you. In these first moments I will describe to you my way of operating, that of my staff and I will also show you the albums, accessories and packaging of Album Epoca (all rights reserved) of which I have been Official Dealer through the Foto Idea photography studio for several years.

Getting to know you before the wedding day is essential for me: understanding what all your dreams and needs are, listening to you and trying to understand your personalities is fundamental for me.

When your wedding day arrives I will always be by your side, from the preparations, to the ceremony and up to the reception.

My idea and my style for your wedding photo shoot is looking for meticulous attention to detail, emotions and context, which allows the newlyweds to live an unforgettable experience as true protagonists. The photos I take will tell the story of your wedding, narrating every exciting detail and reconstructing its authentic atmosphere. Every time you browse your photo album, you will relive all the nuances of the feelings you felt on your wedding day.

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Drone wedding

Have you already thought about embellishing your big day with drone wedding photos and videos? In a context like this, the photos and aerial shots taken with drones create emotions and unusual perspectives, which will remain forever in the hearts of those who are watching. Newlyweds, invite the drone to your wedding... and the magic of shots from another perspective will make that day even more unique.

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All day photo shoot

6 hours photo shoot

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The service includes:

- Free consultation before the wedding

- Shots throughout the day

- Photo selection with accurate postproduction

- Private online wedding gallery

- Delivery of high resolution photos in a wooden stick with box with space for printing approximately 20 10x15 photos

- Photostory, selection of photos and music created in the form of videos

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The service includes:

- Free consultation before the wedding

- 6 hours of shots (a surcharge will be applied for additional hours)

- Photo selection with accurate postproduction

-Delivery of high resolution photos in a crystal flash drive with space for just the USB flash drive

- Photostory, selection of photos and music created in the form of videos



I also offer video service and drone service and FPV drone for your wedding. They are my very valid collaborators who will help me make your wedding unforgettable! Below is a short presentation...

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Simone Colombatto was born in Cantù on 6 November 1992. After studying audiovisual communication he decided to immediately embark on a freelance career, first as a photographer and then as a videomaker, attending various training courses which increasingly led him to specialize in the video sector. He has worked and works with various media companies and agencies in the Milan area including: Inter, Universal Music and Cosmic Agency.

Wedding video portfolio:

Video Portfolio:

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Giacomo Stoppani was born in Como on 20 June 2001. Since he was 11 he has always had a passion for flying and modelling. These passions led him to start a freelance career as a drone pilot in the videomaking sector. Given his school education in electronics, he also learned to self-build FPV drones. 

Drone video portfolio:

FPV drone video portfolio:

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