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A moment like that of pregnancy is worthy of a professional photo shoot that can make the sensations and emotions that accompany mum and dad for 9 months eternal. This photo shoot will allow you to stop time, transforming into images the elegance of the mother's forms welcoming the baby to come and all the unconditional love that you parents feel even before meeting him. The protagonist of the photo shoot will be the future mother, but the future father and possibly even the older brothers or sisters will also play an important part of the shots. I will try to put you at ease by guiding you in various poses which will also be studied based on your personality. This service usually takes place around the eighth month of pregnancy, but a lot can depend on how the future mother experiences this very delicate moment. Usually the photo shoot takes place in the Foto Idea studio in San Fedele (CO) with a posing room equipped with various neutral backdrops, but it could be carried out without any problem in outdoor spaces in a location that can be agreed upon together. The shooting starts from a minimum time of 30 minutes and can last up to 2 hours. The selected and post-produced low resolution files will be delivered to you, the high resolution files can be purchased separately at the cost of the service, as well as any photographic prints or creations of personalized gadgets (photographic canvases, panels, mugs, key rings etc... ). Clothes for this type of service will not be provided.

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